Logistic Solutions in Medical Research

At MedStatStudio our mission is to provide research logistics that makes the most valuable use of your research time. MedStatStudio consultants can assist you in any stage from study conception and design, data collection, data entry, analysis, presentation, and publication. You are free to be use your skills in any area, and allow us to support you in any others.

MedStatStudio Logistic solutions form a critical link between methodology, data collection, and results.Our logistic support extends from research planning, data acquisition, data storage, data analysis, presentation of results, and interpretations of finding.

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Project Management

As research projects become larger, the traditional communication system of email and memos break down. Version control becomes difficult, and as project membership changes, new members often have difficult getting a quick synopsis of the project. MedStatStudio uses the WebCollab project management software. The project management software is customized for your project, allowing you to get to work immediately on results, and leave the software solution to us

Integrated Database Management

The link between data collection and statistical analysis can often be troublesome. Research data is often collected in spreadsheets, which are almost invariably unsuitable for statistical analysis. Often, this results is hours of needless work reformatting data tables. At MedStatStudio, we provide a direct web based data entry system, which avoids this pitfall. Furthermore, in most cases the statistical analysis can be displayed on the web platform immediately after data entry, allowing you to see your data grow and statistical conclusions develop in real time

To see this solution in action, follow the Reveal project sample table. Feel free to explore, edit the tables, and see the results in real time.

Comprehensive Questionaire Platform

There is much more to questionaire based research then simply asking questions and passively observing the responses. Designing a valid and reliable questionaire requires skill and experience; a bad questionaire can render useless hours and hours of data acquistion.In addition, as electronic questionaires become more common, many researchers find out only too late, that the format of the responses given by the online service are frequently unfit for analysis, and require lengthy cleaning procedures.

At MedStatStudio we have professional statisticians to assist in questionaire design. In addition, our comprehensive questionaire platform is an integrated solution, combining a web based survey design software - based on LimeSurvey, with integrated database data storage using MySQL and just-in-time data analysis using R.

A sample project using the comprehensive questionaire platform is available for a fictitious disaster medicine project called DMATT. Please explore and feel free to answer the questionaire, change the questionaire, and view that data.

MedStatStudio Projects

At MedStatStudio we beleive all research should be transparent and open source. Unless specifically prohibited by ethical permission or need for anonymity, research projects both past and ongoing are freely available. In many cases, data sets, description of methodology, R code for data analysis, and published results are available.

The project list is widely varied including many different aspects of disaster medicine, emergency medicine, anesthesia, critical care, surge capacity, and simulation. However, MedStatStudio consultants are available for nearly any topic, and we welcome your inquiries about your specific areas of research.