At MedStatStudio our mission is to maximize teaching efficiency and provide the maximum teaching in the minumum time. We focus exclusively on adult learners, and teaching opportunities are geared to theories of adult learning.

MedStatStudio Logistic solutions form a critical link between methodology, data collection, and results.Our logistic support extends from research planning, data acquisition, data storage, data analysis, presentation of results, and interpretations of finding.

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Online Learning Resources

Content of previous teaching sessions is available for viewing on the MedStatStudio site. Our focus is teaching in Disaster Medicine and Statistics

Course Management

At MedStatStudio we manage a complete integrated package for online learning. Teaching can be given by our staff, by invited speakers, or organized by your local organizing commitee. As the teaching platform is managed on the MedStatStudio platform, it is infinitely customizable to your needs.


When distance learning is simpy not enough, our staff our available for teaching sessions at your site. Our staff have large library of teaching seminars in such topics as Disaster Medicine, Incident Command System, Surge Capacity, Statistical Methodology, and Emergency Medicine.

Staff are also available for custom teaching sessions on a variety of topics. In addition, if our staff are not comfortable on any particular topic you may desire, we can help facilitate teaching sessions with any one of our many teaching partners.

Data Sets

At MedStatStudio we beleive that data is meant to be freely available and open source. Unless ethical approval specifically prohibits it, we endeavor to make all of our data freely available for further study. We encourage interested researchers to use these data sets for such purposes as teaching sessions or data mining.

Many data sets are easily available here on this site. If you are interested in the data set for any of our other projects, please contact us.