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Cutting Edge Simulation in Emergency Department Surge Capacity

Surge Capacity Simulation

SurgeSim allows simulation of the critical initial Emergency Department management when increased surge capacity is needed. Events such as mass casualty incidents and infectious pandemics place extreme stress on Emergency Department flow, and knowing how an Emergency Department will respond is vital for Emergency Planning.

SurgeSim allows Emergency Department and Intensive care staff to test the Surge Capacity of their own departments using their own staff and Emergency Management Plans.

SurgeSim is an excellent team-building exercise, as participants are forced to work together as a group to a single common goal of managing an Emergency Department during a crisis.

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Objective Benchmarks

SurgeSim provides mathematical markers of patient flow. Markers can be compared to previous benchmarks of over 2000 simulated patient-participant encounters.


All aspects of the simulation can be customized to allow simulation of any Emergency Department. Department layout including bed types, radiology resources and availability of monitors can be easily customized to any department. In addition, for departments who already know the time delays for laboratory, radiology, and procedures, the simulation can be calibrated to these values.