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MedStatStudio Projects: SimChron

High fidelity simulation requires a high fidelity timer. SimChron provides a realistic time estimate for common Emergency Department and Intensive Care procedures including patient history and exam, intravenous lines, intubation, and more. SimChron provides a realistic estimate based on a mathematical model developed from data obtained in multiple emergency departments and intensive care units. Is your simulation time too short for realistic time delays? SimChron can be run at 2X or 4X speed. Need more time for junior learners to carefully learn procedures? SimChron can be run at 0.5X SimChron can also be useful for time delays in other simulations: table top scenarios, examinations, and disaster medicine live exercises. SimChron is exceptionally easy to use, allowing Sim Masters to focus their efforts on their simulation scenario while SimChron works independently in the background. A robust interface allows use in field simulations.