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Facilitating patient flow through the emergency departmentcan sometimes be difficult administration task. The ability to predict which patients will require admission to the hospital can be an important factor in facilitating this flow. For instance, patients who are likely to require a short emergency department visit can often be assigned to low acuity areas. Conversely, patients who are likely to require admission to the hospital maybe assigned to areas with such resources as cardiac monitors, and nursing staff. The University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a large tertiary care hospital. The emergency department receives approximately 250 adult and pediatric patients each day. The goal of this study is to create an admission rule based on logistic regression to predict which patients are unlikely to require admission to the hospital and are thus suitable for inclusion in the rapid assessment zone. A logistic regression model was be fitted to the existing data with the null hypothesis of all coefficients equal to 0 was tested against the alternative hypothesis that some coefficients do not equal 0.